✅ First real-time remote software for letting & selling real estate easyer and faster
✅ Creating strategics from all powered data analytics through customers insights & behaviors
✅ Boosts marketing and increase international sales, unlimited scalability.
✅ 24/7 LIVE property viewing stream
✅ Enabling a new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction
✅ Reduced impact on environment
The next Generation  
of Swiss Technology in Real Estate
What we solve and focus on
☹️ Marketing process of real estate companies are innefficient, costly, unsustainable and paper-heavy.
☹️ Time consuming of non shown viewings, intensive labor to make a single deal happen.
☹️ No feedback collected,
no insights during or after property viewings
☹️ COVID-19 made travel abroad usually not possible or only with subsequent quarantine.
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Biggest problems in real estate
By 2018, the Internet will be used by an estimated 4 billion people worldwide. While the total world population is estimated at about 7.7 billion people by April 2020. Conclusion: Already more than half of humanity uses the World Wide Web. Reach your target customer worldwide!
international markets
your company
The Cobot-supported flat inspection is integrated into the system of marketing processes and is subject to exact resource and process planning. Interested parties receive the first impulse for the virtual live tour with a Cobot
Economic experts predict that in 2025 52% of the work worldwide will be done by artificial intelligence. Much is done automatically in the background while humans save time and energy.
your business
Real estate agents & companies understandably always have several properties in their portfolio. Some points why it is difficult for the agent to scale his business in traditional selling methods is the thought of investing more hours in the work. We offer solutions with automatic interfaces where you can get more sales in less time without having to sacrifice leisure, family & friends.
References from
SAM the Robot
BVK, a Swiss real estate company, has generated more revenue by applying our strategy with over 1,000 virtual LIVE viewings than they previously achieved with significantly more physical on-site viewings. The company is now a pioneer in the use of the latest Proptech solutions.
Real Estate
Real Estate
Wincasa AG, an administration operating throughout Switzerland, was able to conduct hundreds of LIVE visits within a very short period of time and provide interested parties with a tour at the push of a button. This was done without actively doing so. The responsible managers see great potential in the process optimization of the rental process while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction. The strategy was followed and the result turned out to be very satisfactory.
is more than 3'300 viewings completed in 12'300 minutes
We are the Host of
SAM the Robot
CEO LF Immosolutions GmbH
Uses his core values in every single cleint. "I am driven to transform something to everything the client desires." Lukas is highly competent and comitted to the every detail of his service
Investment Advisor & Sales Manager
Coming from business aviation and service excellence with UHNI, she uses the end-to-end experience customized to clients wanting to scale their projects into a higher level. "My mission and vision is that there is always a greater opportunity to make something superb."
Real Estate companies are able to have
Powered data analytics to create strategies
through customer insights and customer's
behaviors. We offer the worlds first real-time
front line user data unlocking unknown insights
into our customers behaviors making strategic
decisions fact based.
All Powered
Data Analytics
The Solution
a property
A 360° image-based video viewing is
performed, allowing the broker and client
to communicate at the same time the robot
does the viewing, keeping the process efficient
and convenient for both parties.
Start saving money and time 
with the digitalization in real estate!